nice buns

420g strong white flour
7g yeast
40g sugar
One heaped tsp sea salt
170ml buttermilk
1 egg

mix + knead + prove (1.5hr) + knock back + divide into 8 balls + prove (1hr) + brush with egg white + bake

Bask in the glory of home made burger buns.

  • model:NIKON D90
  • exposureTime: 0.400 s (10/25) (1/3)
  • fnumber:f/11.0
  • isoEquiv:200
  • focalLength:150.00 (1500/10)
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    what a mouthful

    For the relish:
    Cherry tomatoes (diced), onion (diced) gherkins (yes, diced), sautéed bacon (has to be ‘Yorkshire Black’), oregano all lovingly bonded together with beautiful, melted mature cheddar cheese.

    For the patties:
    Just good, lean steak mince from our local butcher.

    Scalding hot griddle pan + toasted buns + relish + salad + assembly + some oven ‘holding time’ time.

    Cut. Eat.